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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Details

In order to effectively protect the privacy rights of Themesbox users and optimize user experience, Themesbox has tailored this privacy policy in accordance with current regulations and policies. This privacy policy will have detailed policies and measures for Themesbox users to obtain, manage and protect their personal information. This privacy policy applies to all the services provided to you by Themesbox, whether you have access to Themesbox services through computer devices, mobile devices, or other devices.

Collection of personal information

You have been informed and agree that when you register for the Themesbox user account or use the services provided by Themesbox, Themesbox will record relevant personal information provided by you, such as your name, mobile number, etc. The above personal information is the basis for your access to the services provided by Themesbox. Besides this, for the purpose of optimizing user experience, Themesbox will obtain other information related to improving the services of Themesbox. For example, when you access Themesbox, we may collect the popularity of these services, browser software information, and so on to optimize our services.

Personal information management

In order to provide you with better services and products, Themesbox will use your personal information in the following situations:

  1. In accordance to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations;
  2. In accordance to your authorization;
  3. In accordance to the Themesbox receipt section related service terms and application license user agreement.
    In addition, you are aware that and agree that Themesbox may use your non-private personal information for marketing within the scope permitted by current laws and regulations. Possible uses include but are not limited to: showing you in the Themesbox platform or providing advertising and promotional materials, recommending you and notifying you of Themesbox services and product information, and other such usages of Themesbox services or products that you may find interesting based on the information. It also includes information that you choose to share when you take an action such as authorization, such as when you add a new address book, download and share more.

Themesbox will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission, except:

  1. Themesbox has been authorized by you or your guardian.
  2. The disclosure of Themesbox is required by the judicial or administrative authorities in accordance with statutory procedures;
  3. When Themesbox brings a lawsuit or arbitration to the user to protect its own legal rights and interests;
  4. In accordance to the terms of service and license agreement between you and Themesbox;
  5. Other circumstances prescribed by laws and regulations.
    Protection of personal information

Themesbox will do everything it can to protect the personal information it receives from users. In order to prevent the users’ personal information in the case of accidental or unauthorized illegal accessing, copying, modification, transmission, loss, damage, handling or usage, Themesbox will continue to take the following measures to protect your personal information:

  1. Encrypt users’ personal information in an appropriate way;
  2. Use passwords to protect users’ personal information at appropriate locations;
  3. Restrict access to user personal information;
  4. Other reasonable measures.
    Although in all cases reasonable and effective measures have been taken, and have to comply with the relevant standards required by law and Themesbox, there is still no guarantee on your personal information security through unsafe communications. Therefore, users should take active measures to ensure their own personal information security, such as regularly changing passwords of their accounts and not disclosing personal information such as their account passwords to others.

You know that the personal information protection provided by Themesbox is only available on the Themesbox platform. Once you leave Themesbox, browser or use other platforms, services or content resources, Themesbox has no ability and obligation to protect any personal information you submit on the Themesbox platform, whether you are logged in or browsing the above platforms based on Themesbox links or guides.

Access to personal information

After you complete your Themesbox account application, you can view or modify the personal information you submitted to Themesbox. In general, you can browse at any time, modify your submitted information, but for reasons regarding security and identity, you may not be able to modify the initial information and authentication information when you first apply for Themesbox’s services.

Use of cookies and web beacons

Cookies can help the platform identify users and count the number of users, which are often used by platforms to determine whether the user who has completed the application has logged in. Themesbox promises that research on Cookie information will only be used to improve service/product quality and optimize user experience. If you do not want your personal information to be kept in cookies, you can configure the browser by selecting “reject cookies” or “notify you when the platform sends cookies”. Since Themesbox’s service is implemented by supporting cookies, after you completely shut down the cookie, it may affect your access to Themesbox or the Themesbox service. When you do not disable cookies, you may be prompted to retain user information the next time you enter the platform through a simplified login (such as automatic login). The method and purpose of Themesbox using web beacons are the same as cookies.

Modification of the privacy protection policy

Themesbox shall have the right to modify any provision of the “privacy policy” at any time. Once the content of the privacy policy changes, Themesbox will announce its modifications to the “privacy policy” on the Themesbox platform. This publishing behavior is considered to be a notification by Themesbox to you to modify your content. Themesbox can also prompt users to modify content in other appropriate ways. If you do not agree with Themesbox’s changes to the terms of this privacy policy, you have the right to stop using Themesbox’s services. If you continue to use the Themesbox’s services, you will be deemed to have received changes made by Themesbox to the terms of this agreement.